Michael Rectenwald 

After Dave Smith decided to not run for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination, Mises PAC Chairman Michael Heise convinced Rectenwald to run for President so the Mises PAC can get donor and email lists from the campaign.

Rectenwald’s Personal iSideWith Responses from November 20, 2023 (Archive link)

  • Question: ”Should the US build a wall along the southern border” 
  • Question: ”Should children of illegal immigrants be granted legal citizenship?” 
    • Rectenwald Personal Answer: “No
  • Question: “Should working illegal immigrants be given temporary amnesty?”
    • Rectenwald Personal Answer: “No
  • Question: “Should immigrants to the United States be allowed to hold dual citizenship status?” 
    • Rectenwald Answer: “No
  • Question: ”Should the government raise the federal minimum wage?” 
  • Question: ”Should critical race theory be taught in K-12 education?” 
  • Question: ”Should the US raise taxes on the rich?”
  • Question: ”Should terminally ill patients be allowed to end their lives via assisted suicide?” 
    • Rectenwald Personal Answer: “No
  • Question: “Should the government increase or decrease military spending?” 
  • Question: “Should the US increase or decrease foreign aid spending?”