The Libertarian Party is

corrupt. unprincipled. going broke. antisemitic. fostering hate. spreading racism. rejecting science. pro-war. conspiratorial. attacking members. fracturing. alienating candidates. in collapse. selling out.

In May of 2022, an organization known as The Mises PAC took over the Libertarian National Committee after multiple takeovers of state affiliates. 

Since these takeovers, party leadership has engaged in repeatedly egregious unethical and corrupt behavior, has maligned libertarians across the world, and misused donor funds.

Here’s an outline of their behavior since the takeover. 

This list is not yet comprehensive, and will continue to be updated as we receive information. You can view our Updates Page for new additions since you last checked in.

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Update Log

Update #6

Update #5

November 2023 – After a warm reception on a Mises Caucus podcast, Jacob Chansley aka “QAnon Shaman” files to run for Congress as a Libertarian

Added new page about Mises Caucus Presidential Candidate Michael Rectenwald

November 2016 – Professor Michael Rectenwald lies about being “canceled” from NYU

Rectenwald’s denying his support for Trump and the GOP:

Rectenwald’s support for Trump and the GOP is well documented:

Update #4

November 2023 – Mises Caucus Presidential Candidate Micheal Rectenwald likes tweet comparing abortion to child sacrifice

November 2023 – Mises Caucus Presidential Candidate Micheal Rectenwald tweets out anti-semetic conspiracy theory that Israel is sacrificing children to “Moloch”

November 2021 – LPNH tweets “Racism is pretty much a non-issue in America. Libertarians suffer more oppression than black people.” 

March 2023 – LPNH calls for violence against socialists

November 2023 – Mises Caucus KY tells libertarians to “stop being retarded” and “autistic” because Joshua Smith and Micheal Rectenwald were better than past LP presidential candidates. 

November 2023 – LPPA went from 173 elected libertarians in 2021 down to only 18 in 2023 because of Mises Caucus leadership.

November 2023 – Mises Caucus Endorsed Candidate Jessica “Forest Mommy” Fenske tweets out nude picture after losing her race

December 2022 – The Mises Caucus accuses the Libertarian Party of Spain of being run by the CIA. 

November 2023 – Mises Caucus presidential candidate Micheal Rectenwald supports LPCO selling out to the GOP

February 2023 – LNC Region Rep Dave Benner tweets “Russia’s president is elected through a far more democratic system than the United States president is”

March 2023 – LPPA tweets that “Taiwan is not a country.”

Update #3

November 2023 – LNC Chair Angela McArdle makes false claims that donations had significantly increased because of her fiance, LNC decides to extend his contract based on that claim. 

March 2023 – LNC Chair Angela McArdle sends a letter to the LP Michigan affiliate that is almost identical to the letter previous LNC Chair Joe Bishop-Henchman resigned over

December 2021 – Mises Caucus South Carolina tweets support for arsonist of an abortion clinic.

December 2021 – LP MN tweets “Forced integration is absolutely an issue”

December 2021 – LPNH Mises Caucus tweets out a threat of violence and is retweeted by LPCT

November 2021 – LP Mises Caucus Texas tweets out that “policemen who enforce vaccine and mask mandates… should be resisted by any means necessary”

September 2021 – LPKY gets banned from twitter for telling a reporter to kill himself, LP Mises Caucus Kentucky says that makes them proud. 

June 2021 – Jeremy Kauffman tweets “Jews went from the Holocaust to running the world in 50 years.”

November 2021 – LPNH tweets “Racism is pretty much a non-issue in America. Libertarians suffer more oppression than black people.”

Update #2

January 2023 – Mises Caucus Massachusetts replies to a Vermin Supreme tweet with a picture saying “The only good communist is a dead one” 

October 2023 – LNC Member and LPCA Chair Adrian Malagon attacks a candidate for having a “boomer” website

October 2023 – LNC Member and LPCA Chair Adrian Malagon, when a former candidate tells him that Adrian’s behavior is why he won’t run again, says “bye, bitch”

October 2023 – LNC Member and LPCA Chair Adrian Malagon calls a former staffer a “cunting twat”

October 2023 – LNC Member and LPCA Chair Adrian Malagon calls a former candidate a “broad”, “annoying” and “insufferable”

Update #1

September 2022 – LPVA dissolves, citing Mises Caucus attempts to prevent them from running candidates and messaging from LP National

July 2022 – LPNH says that city governments should be able to discriminate against people for their race.

June 2023 – Sasha Cohen, elected libertarian, leaves the LP citing the bigotry of LPNH 

December 2021 – Shane Hazel tweets “You should try the @LPMisesCaucus we aren’t open borders.”

April 2018 – Shane Hazell supports Trump’s plan to us troops to “Secure [the] Southern Border”

December 2021 – Shane Hazel tweets “You should try the @LPMisesCaucus we aren’t open borders.”

April 2022 – LPNH says that it doesn’t believe in freedom of movement for socialists

March 2022 – Mises Caucus Connecticut complains about having to delete a tweet that threatened violence. 

July 2021 – Jeremy Kauffman tweets that no one should be allowed to vote

August 2022 – LP National tweets “Liz Cheney for Prison” because she stood up to Trump.

September 2022  – Mises Caucus Oklahoma tweets “Defund Reason” because Reason opposed DeSantis shipping refugees out of Florida. 

September 2022 – LPCO tweets “The Constitution was an illegitimate coup”

September 2022 – Mises Caucus Texas tweets out support for putting teachers in jail

August 2022 – LP National tweets paleo gibberish: “There’s no place in the liberty movement for woke Marxists or Cathedral centrists.”

June 2022 – LP Delaware blames child sex abuse on the LBGT movement.

May 2022 – LPKY tweets “There were no mass shootings in schools when they were remote during covid.”

October 2022 – LPCO tweets “This season, kick the anti-civilization satanists out before they do any more damage”

June – 2022 – LNC Chair Angela McArdle tweets “The LP has attracted a lot of woke Republicans. We welcome libertarians who’ve left their old parties, but please self actualize or check your baggage at the door“

August 2022 – LNC Chair Angela McArdle celebrates people leaving the party. 

July 2022 – LPNH tweets that Isreal is “facilitating American politicians and elites to live out their sick pedophile fantasies in order to blackmail them”

August 2022 – Mises Caucus says that FDR “compelled” Japan to attack Pearl Harbor

September 2022 – LP National tweets out meme claiming that marxism is a religion

September 2022 – LNC Chair Angela McArdle blocks an elected Libertarian official for asking questions. 

August 2022 – LNC Chair Angela McArdle attacks an LP candidate for questioning her celebrating people leaving the party.

August 2022 – LP National likes a tweet from Tho Bishop celebrating that they drove off Elizabeth Nolan Brown, who left because LP National endorsed McCarthyism. 

September 2022 – LP National retweets LNC Chair Angela McArdle “I understand your reluctance to engage in the culture war. It’s the front line of a larger war to rip away your individual liberty“

October 2022 – LNC Secretary Caryn Ann Harlos threatens the writer of an opinion piece titled “The Libertarian Party is collapsing. Here’s why” with a lawsuit for “defamation”.

May 2022 – LPKY says that “Foreign Libertarian parties are likely CIA operations” to a Russian Libertarian.

January 2022 – LPNY Retweets the Republican for governor