The Libertarian National Committee is corrupt. unprincipled. going broke. antisemitic. fostering hate. spreading racism. rejecting science. pro-war. conspiratorial. attacking members. fracturing. alienating candidates. in collapse. selling out.

In May of 2022, an organization known as The Mises PAC took over the Libertarian National Committee after multiple takeovers of state affiliates.

Since these takeovers, party leadership has engaged in egregious unethical and corrupt behavior, has maligned libertarians across the world, and misused donor funds.

Here’s an outline of their behavior since the takeover.

This list is not comprehensive, and will continue to be updated as we receive information. You can view our Updates Page for new additions since you last checked in.

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⚠️ How to fight back against the Mises PAC

  1. Cancel your donations to LP National (click here and select “Contact Staff” in the dropdown menu).
  2. Email the LNC and politely and firmly demand change (click here and select “Contact the LNC” and enter your message).
  3. Fill out the form below, you may also submit suggestions for this site in the comments section. We will share your information with our partners who are fighting back from both inside and outside the party.